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Free Tools & Software

Free Software Tools By M/s VIKASH TECH

You want powerful software & tools—but you don’t have to buy them. Here is a list of free useful tools for you, and it’s all totally free.

Simply-Connect ( WhatsApp Chat )

WhatsApp Messaging App Plugin

Simply-Connect: WhatsApp Messaging Plugin is easy to set up and use plugin for all kinds of websites. It can be used on a normal website by simply copying and pasting a snippet or in a WordPress website, using the plugin.
It helps your users to connect with you directly from your website by simply clicking on the WhatsApp icon on your website.

LEO – Auto Responder

Leo – Auto Responder is an android application, used to automate SMS in a professional way. It is used to send SMS on missed calls which can be used for several purposes. LEO offers a simple solution to automate SMS on your device in just a few taps via a simple interface. You can use the LEO – Autoresponder for sending customized SMS to your callers whenever you miss a call from them.

Simple User Interface for better understanding. Just download the app from here and set your message in the responder. Your responder supports multilingual, So enjoy your responder in your own language too either English or Bhojpuri.

If you don’t want to send messages on missed calls. Just switch off your responder. It will not send your message on missed calls.

Hope!! You enjoy your responder.

School Management System

School Management Systems Plays an essential role in the current educational system. School authorities all over the world are engaged in a lot of day-to-day administrative and academic activities to manage and provide a better academic experience to students effectively. However, maintaining and keeping track of school administrative activities is not an easy process in the fast-growing world. It requires hard work and often it is time-consuming.

To better perform the school administrative activities of educational institute and to assure parents the real-time progress and security of their children, educational institutes utilizes School Management software, nowadays.

Work Logger

Work Logger is a free tool, used for updating work logs on daily basis.
It has 2 modules, user and admin. Users can add/update his/her daily work or schedule work for a week or month. Admin can manage members, view the work status of users, and chat or talk to users using this tool.

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Free Software Tools By M/s VIKASH TECH

Free Tools & Software

You want powerful software & tools—but you don’t have to buy them. Here is a list of free useful tools…

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