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Why you should switch to a dedicated server?

Why you should switch to a dedicated server?

t has been quite some time making people understand Why you should switch to a dedicated server?. We have been working with variety of clients, ranging from startups to big corporate. When it comes to hosting an application or a website or some organizational too, we come to face this question every time. So, here we are with a complete walk through to make you understand why one should opt for a dedicated server.

In today’s scenario, when everything is going digital and global, we have to move ourselves to the same virtual world. True. But how to choose for a good place (hosting). You will have to understand your requirements first. Points you can consider while choosing a hosting provider is as follow:

  • What is your client base?
  • What is your processing needs?
  • What programming language you prefer for development?
  • What is the security aspect for your data?
  • What is the scalability and availability needs?

Coming to each point one by one,


This is a big question, as the client base decides what bandwidth will be required?, What processing capacity is required?, What architecture of hardware will fulfill the access needs!. When we talk about the client base, we talk about the public view of our project, tool or website. The public view decides actually how many people are going to access your tool. If you are building a tool for your personal use, you will be the client for the tool. If it’s for you office, your mates will be the client, if you are building it for outside people, then the global users will be your client base.

If your client base is large, you need to have a good processing capacity and availability. You will require a hosting that can hold all your client session at the same time. If your tool is going to hold large client base, you must opt for a dedicated server. Other hosting services like shared hosting, or WordPress or VPS may help you in different sets.
First look at the client base and then choose your hosting providers.


Many times, we look on different aspects but miss the need of judging our software on basis of its hardware requirements. We suggest you to have a deep look on the resource usage of your software based on the targeted user base.
It is simple to understand. Eg. Say if you have a 4000MB RAM and on each request by a user, 1 MB of ram is utilized in a unit of time, then it simply means that in one unit of time you can entertain only 4000 users.

If you optimize the software, then the usage of resources per user will go down making your availability more higher. Eg. if you have 4000MB RAM and your software requires 512KB RAM to entertain one user in one unit of time, then you can entertain 8000 users at the same time with the same set of resources.
You need to decide the hardware you require for running your tool based on your client base.


When it comes to programming language, you have to be specific with the platform you require. It has lot of dependency. You require better and secure platform for setting up your application on the server.

Generally if you are developing your software in PHP, you require an Apache based hosting provider. If you are an ASP.NET developer, you require a Plex based hosting. Similarly, you require different set of software to host your application software.

You need to decide your programing language for developing your tool.


If you are looking for a secure server for setting up your custom software, you should opt for either a VPS or a Dedicated server, wherein you get root access of the machine, which helps you to move ahead with implementing better security to your tool.

You can implement software firewalls, setup your own security policies and a lot more, which is not possible with most of the shared hosting.
Your selection of security aspect is dependent on the type of programming language you opt and also with the processing requirement for your client base.


You might be in need of developing a tool that can help you make your office work online, but there can be a case of increasing the hardware, say storage of the server. You must have a scalable server provider, which can increase the hardware as per requirements without hampering your work.

You must have a look for server providers with scalable architecture and higher availability.

If you make a correct decision based on the above, you are ready to go with choosing the correct hosting provider.

Now coming back to the real question! Why you should shift to a dedicated server?

The answer is simple

  • You get better control over your server.
  • Can implement better security to your tool, by setting up custom policies over the software firewall, and a lot more.
  • Can upgrade hardware if required.
  • Can opt for different programming languages as per your requirements.
  • Can setup your environment, for which you are going to develop your tool.
  • Can handle client base as per your requirements.

You should be wise while choosing your hosting services. We suggest you to first help yourself in judging your requirements based on above points, if you find your requirements are more or less matching with the above. Then you should move with a dedicated server.

Our team provides dedicated server and also helps in setting up in-house server in client’s location. We have been doing this for multiple clients. If you find a requirement for the above, please feel free to get in touch with us. Our team will be happy to help you.

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