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Internship Program, 2020

M/s VIKASH TECH is an India based startup. Our team members are not just IT professionals but they also have decent communication skills, and understanding. M/s VIKASH TECH helps you to meet your expectations in this internship program. 

We are providing a golden opportunity to explore theories in the practical world. We understand that during the first week at a new job, interns experience a combination of excitement, nervous energy and anticipation, it’s natural, our team members will help you throughout the program as they have decent communication skills, and understanding for an intern’s needs. 

By joining the internship one can definitely get a kick-start in a professional life. We are welcoming the most enthusiastic, talented and eager to learn interns in our company to groom their skills. 


About the Internship Program

As we all know, an internship program is a learning program in an applied career field. Internships are a great way to gain hands-on, professional experience that can be valuable during job search.

The internship program provided by M/s VIKASH TECH is divided into two categories, first is for the Technical Ground; second is for the Sales and Marketing

Technical Ground: In the 1st week of short-term and long-term internship, the company will provide interns with training and knowledge about the corporate structure.

To be certain we only offer corporate internships and not college Training. 

The technical ground internship is divided into 4 parts: 

  1. First deals with the training and understanding of the corporate structure.
  1. Second deals on – How to deal with a client ?
  1. Third focuses on – How to write a proper email. Interns will be using the tools used by the testers and developers inside corporate industries, and will be working on the client’s projects and dealing with clients directly;
  1. At last – Exposure to development and testing platforms.

Sales and Marketing: It is also a short-term and long-term internship program aimed at building the leaders of tomorrow. During this program, one can learn to lead from the front, and develop essential skills like marketing and communication, understand how it all comes together for a cause.

The Sales and Marketing Internship is divided into 4 parts:

  1. Interns will be given KT(Knowledge Transaction) related to product services, corporate structure, client dealing;
  2. Interns will be allowed by M/s VIKASH TECH to work on-ground and they will deal with the clients directly.
  3. Interns will also learn how to deal with clients through call.
  4. They will learn how to write a proper email and how to follow the written culture of the organization.

In this marketing and sales internship program interns will be assigned work/target/project, which needs to completed in a given time duration. Interns will have to achieve the target provided to them in a given time period. Our team will help interns groom their communication and debating skills throughout your internship program.

Interns need to have that willingness and enthusiasm to succeed and give their 100%. Interns will have to work on call as well as on ground with our clients and customers. For that interns need to follow a decent communication skill.

Our team is very welcoming and highly professional, to work with. Here, with us interns will be experiencing a business environment and learning the etiquette. 

History: Previous Internship Programs

M/s VIKASH TECH has been offering internships for the last 2+ years. Two successful years and many more to come.

Our skilled and bright interns who successfully completed their internship, are shining brighter in reputed companies all over globe. Some of them have started their own business in their fields too.

These potential Interns are still in touch with us, as we genuinely care for our Interns who work with us whether it is a long-term or short-term internship program. 

We make sure our interns learn many new things during their time with us. We set clear expectations and goals from the beginning. This not only provides a roadmap for our intern, but also helps us in organizing ourselves. 

Here is the list of things this internship modules:

  • Communicate to Impress
  • Deliver Presentations with Impact
  • Develop Soft Skills for the Workplace
  • Gain Guidance from the IT professionals
  • Stay Ahead in Group Discussions
  • Learn Corporate Etiquette
  • Write Effective Emails
  • Learn Corporate Telephone Etiquette
  • Gain Foundational Skills in IT

The main thing interns will take away from internship at our company is practical work experience and lot of knowledge.

There are chances of getting hired by M/s VIKASH TECH too. We offer direct placement to extraordinary students. It is obvious that chances of getting hired totally depends on your performance during the internship program. 


Q1. How long have you been offering internships?

Ans: M/s VIKASH TECH have been offering internships for the last 2+ years

Q 2. Do interns have the opportunity for full-time employment and job growth after the internship?

Ans:  Yes, there are chances of getting hired by M/s VIKASH TECH. It is obvious that chances of getting hired totally depends on your performance during the internship program. 

Q3. How have you managed interns in the past?

Ans: Before our interns start, we make sure you have a plan in place. For instance, who will our interns be interacting with on a day-to-day basis? What kinds of projects will they be working on?  

An internship is a learning program in an applied career field. We make sure our interns learn many new things during their time with us. We set clear expectations and goals from the beginning. This will not only provide a roadmap for our intern but also help us organize ourselves. 

Q4. What will a typical workday be like?

Ans: It will be a fun learning experience on a daily basis. We indulge the interns in projects as the projects they are contributing are to affect the business as a whole. We also discuss the future career paths ahead of them and how internships like ours will help them achieve their goals. 

Q5. What kind of internship your company provides? 

Ans: It’s a corporate internship in which we provide 2 types of internships: i) Sales and Marketing; ii) Technical Ground

Q6. How much does this internship cost?

Ans: This is an on the job internship, it will cost you rupees 3000, as a bound money. In case you leave the internship program in the middle, this money is non-refundable. And also you won’t get any certification or perks from M/s VIKASH TECH

Q7. What do we do in the time period of internship? 

Ans: You will be in the training period for the first 7 days. In the second week, you will be assigned a project, for those who are in a short-term internship program they will be assigned 1 project. And for those who will be in a long-term internship they will get the opportunity to work on multiple projects.

Q8. What qualification one needs to apply for this internship?

Ans: You need to have your bachelor’s degree, any student pursuing BA, B.COM, B.SC, BCA, MCA, B.TECH, or M.TECH. 

BCA, MCA, B.TECH, or M.TECH. is needed for Developers and Testers certainly and for Marketing and Sales, interested candidates with holding bachelor degrees can apply.

Q9. With whom will be working?

Ans: You will be working under the guidance of our CEO and a team of trained and certified consultants & IT Professionals. We believe mentorship is incredibly valuable for interns. Our team of trained and certified consultants will mentor and mold the intern’s future career path by grooming them.

Q10. How to get the internship?

Ans: Firstly, you will have to submit your resume in PDF format on our website, then, it will be shortlisted. The shortlisted candidates will get a call by the company. This call will be a short introductory telephonic interview. After that, you get an email from M/s VIKASH TECH in which your personal interview will be scheduled.  For more details contact us.

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