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M/s VIKASH TECH has a team of trained and certified consultants having rich experience in deploying server virtualization solutions offered by VMware, Citrix, Microsoft, Red Hat, ProXMox. While multiple Virtual Machine’s deployment is seen as a challenge in corporate environments, we provide onsite solutions to our clients as well as remote solutions round the clock ensuring high availability of infrastructure at all times. Server Virtualization allows better utilization of hardware resources by segmenting physical servers into a number of virtual servers where each virtual server runs its own operating system and applications thus enhancing the efficiency of every physical machine.

M/s VIKASH TECH has experience in building automation systems and customized software, we have served 55+ clients including big firms like ITC Limited, Indian Railways WPO and BSNL. Our team has expertise in building web based software solutions and in addition we provide additional 1 month bug free warranty for free to our clients.

M/s VIKASH TECH is an India based startup, our team members are not just IT professionals also have decent communication skills, and understanding for client needs and requirements. M/s VIKASH TECH will help you to meet your expectations in your range by providing you the services in the IT sector, our company takes care of client requirement and fulfill it on time, We also provide Remote solution to client end.


Working in current scenarios where time and money both keep high importance, we understand that our client has some goals to achieve in a fixed time slab and within some fixed budget slab. We focus on providing our services on relevant cost and time.

As every client has different requirements and has a different approach to achieving his/her goals. We follow the best suitable approach for each client to provide industry-standard solutions to our clients.

We follow the most advanced approaches of SDLC (Software Development Life Cycle) and NDLC (Network Development Life Cycle). Our clients can choose the best strategic approach that suits their requirements.

The base of our strategy lies in the convenience of our client and his/her satisfaction. The best-suited solution, with the best service, at the best time, and in the best budget makes our strategy for each of our client


Nowadays industries are being replaced by automation and robotics. All processes and works are being carried out by machines and robotics processes.

M/s VIKASH TECH works on to make things completely automated as per our customer’s requirements. We work on “AUTOMATION AND SECURITY”.

We are focused on providing industry-standard tools and security. Our team comprises of highly certified engineers and network security experts.

Our purpose is to develop a better-automated ecosystem with high security which could lead to better business, better education, better society, and help everyone to grow better.


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