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Career at M/s VIKASH TECH

Here in M/s VIKASH TECH, we are always in search of people who are tech geeks. If you find yourself in the same pool and are looking for better opportunists, you can get in touch with our awesome team. Just email us your Resume/CV to support@vikashtech.com and our team will take care of getting you on-boarded, if they found your Resume/CV worth it.

Make sure you mention all your skills, your expertise level, your projects and experiences in canonical order, so that our team can judge you at your best.

You can apply for job here

We have opened up for Interns

Our team has opened up for internship at our Patna, Bihar office location for students who have elementary knowledge of web based technology and are looking for getting experience in industry level development skill sets. Please go through the details here and connect with us in case you require any clarification on the same.

You can apply for Internship here

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