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LEO – Auto Responder

Leo – auto-responder is an android based app designed to allow users to automate their missed call response via SMS.

This app is designed with simplicity, keeping in mind that the user interacts least with the app, with nearly no notifications and no advertisements inside the app.

There are lot of upcoming features that will bring more productivity and will make you work even when you are not using your phone.

The android app can be used for multiple purposes, like, if you want to have a good sleep or when you are driving and want to get people posted to not to be worried about you, you can simply put a message inside the app that will be sent to people whose calls are missed while you are busy.

No messages are sent when you receive a call or when you reject a call. The messages are only sent when you miss a call.

The app comes with a multi-lingual support. You can use the app to send messages in different languages. You just need to add the message inside the app in any language you want and save it.

Upcoming Features

We are coming up with lot of productive features which will make your work simple and more productive. A few of them goes as below:

  • Setting up different messages for different users.
  • Setting up different messages for know and unknown numbers.
  • Sending SMS from selected SIM card
  • Sending fixed number of SMS per day.

and a lot more…


  • The app is currently free for all users
  • SMS and Data charges may be applicable as per network providers.
  • Data of sent SMS will be stored for user report generation purposes.
  • We do not share any data with any third party, for further details, please read our privacy policy here, cookie policy here.
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