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Services we offer

We have a team with expertise knowledge of trending and latest technologies to build up awesome things for you. We have a bunch of services for you to give your business a jump start in a very small time. We have served startups, businesses, professionals, leaders, NGOs and others to grow. Feel free to avail our services.

Featured Services

 Network Setup-Security-Support

Network Setup

Network Setup includes Network planning, Hardware configuration, Host configuration, Software configuration.

Network Security

Network security helps in securing data from different attacks, our team help you in securing your data over network by providing you network security services, get in touch for network planning and data security.

Network Support

Get 24x7 support over network security and threat protection. Our team provides network monitoring and protection and provides you support for the sane.

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Web development

We are a team of highly motivated and innovative engineers and other professionals. Creating attractive and user friendly websites has always been our main agenda. We provide specialized services in wide range of domains including Website Development, Website Designing, E-commerce solutions and much more.

Android development

We provides high performance Android application development services to all range of organizations from small to large.Android Applications can make business process and end user experience easy to get information, track & manage online from anytime , any where.

Desktop App development

Different applications on the desktop make things easier and secure for us.We need numerous of such applications on which we can rely upon or which can be used within an organization.M/s VIKASH TECH provides this service to the clients demands.

Automation Tool Development

Nowadays information technology has completely changed the environment. Such functions as communication, documenting, correspondence, and filing have become fully automated. If you are looking for a business automation tool development, feel free to connect with us.

Manual Testing

“No amount of testing can prove a software right, a single test can prove a software wrong.” We gives an edge to your things and make it right in most of the aspects.

Functional Testing

Functional Testing helps to verifies that each function of the software application operates in conformance with the requirement specification.We gives an edge to your things and checks it with each of its functioning and gives you a better experience.

Automation Testing

We use appropriate automation tools to develop test scripts and validate the software. Our goal is to complete test execution in less amount of time and with most of its accuracy.


“Web Hosting is the Heart of a Website, Which Should be Running Round the Clock”. M/s VIKASH TECH utilize the highest quality technology to ensure your website is available 24X7.

Domain Name Registration

M/s VIKASH TECH provides a great service in the field of domain name registration. Go with M/s VIKASH TECH to get your business online and also get the benefit of SSL certificate which gives the fast search engine optimization and enhance security features.

Website Maintenance

We ensures that your site is always current and your project stays within budget. Our standard program includes,bugs solution, content updates, and support via telephone and e-mail.We include all of the services you require in order to ensure both the short and long-term success.

Organization Email

Organizational Email is an account created by an organization’s administrator to enable a member of the organization to upload and update their work in detail in their account. All data in their email is confidential and its employee responsibility to handle it securely.

Online Storage

We provide fee based computing, networking and storage infrastructure which helps to store data online and accessible from anywhere.

Virtual Private Server (VPS)

VPS is a type of web hosting used to host websites in a scalable virtual environmnet. We offers VPS for individuals and businesses of all sizes, with 24x7 support and backup.

Dedicated Server

We provide dedicated server for companies and individuals who value security and privacy in their web hosts or who are looking to scale their business efficiently, need to safeguard customer data and rely on peak performance for the best customer experience.

Search Engine Optimization

We provide SEO service to increase the quality and quantity of website traffic by increasing the visibility of a website or a web page to users of a web search engine.

Secure Server Link

We provides a secure server which is safe from external threats and vulnerabilities to protect your data. Your data is precious and sensitive for us.

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