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Know What Internship Is and What It Is Not

An internship is basically is based on experience and observation, in which a student has intentional learning goals/objectives with measurable outcomes.

These learning goals/objectives mainly include:

  • Skill Evolution: A student may develop/gain skills and knowledge that is required for success in a professional work environment and integrates those skills in their academic learning.
  • Career Evolution: A student may explore a particular field of interest and expand his/her professional network.
  • They gain as well as understand the need for qualifications, duties, and capabilities required and involved in a specific profession or career field.
  • Academic learning: A student may apply and test knowledge learned in the classroom to a professional work environment.
  • Personal Evolution: A student acquires decision-making skills, business shrewdness, and practical knowledge.

If the internship offers hands-on experience in real-world projects of that specific organization, then it counts as work experience.

Real projects help the intern to go through the pressure and management workflow that is truly invaluable. Surely, technical skills will also get a boost.

Many students get confused by the term internship as they expect some unrealistic things from the host-organization.

The following list explains what an internship is not, so now let us know what Internship is not:

  • A Go-fer Position: Means, in the tenure of an Internship it is important to cultivate a fine balance between the student’s fruitful learning process/ experience, and acknowledging the completion of more routine work responsibilities involved in all projects assigned by the company/organization.
  • The is 60% of the internship responsibilities are professional and 40% of the internship responsibilities are paraprofessional or part of a daily operational routine.
  • A Guarantee of Job Offer: There might be a chance of getting hired by the company/organization, on a part-time or full-time basis.
  • First of all, employment that the student might get, depends on his/her performance.
  • And secondly, the connection and contacts made by them.
  • Time to Act Like an Resident Expert: Many students don’t have expertise or knowledge of how to tackle self-initiated projects. So, this is the right time to examine prior learning.
  • But one must learn things humbly and tactful way. Any project or application can only be done if the intern remembers his or her duty.

Internships are a great way to gain hands-on, professional experience that can be valuable during job search.

It provides proper roadmap to the students for the future and on a personal level students will be aware of work pressure in office premises.

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Know What Internship Is and What It Is Not

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