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Mini Firewall

When it comes to protecting an organization’s data, you cannot compromise with any aspect of cybersecurity, especially the firewall. A firewall can either be a software or a hardware device that protects your computer as well as your network from online attackers.

A firewall basically allows a company to set up its own set of online rules for its users. Also, it allows a company to prevent its employees from visiting websites that are not trustworthy and can cause serious damage. Therefore, in this internet-driven era, if you don’t have a firewall installed, then the chances are really high that your business might fall into the playground of hackers.

Here we have designed a special firewall that can be used to secure home, small and medium enterprises. This can be used as the one device solution for low energy consumption and heavy duty.

The Mini Firewall is specially designed with industry leading hardware and can be used as a firewall for small and medium size businesses. It can be used for filtering ads, filtering malicious domains, securing internal network from attackers, can help you in blocking domains, and a lot more.

The Mini Firewall is designed to help you get access to your local network via VPN. There is no need of purchasing licenses for VPN users. You can setup as much VPN users as you like and can setup multi-level security for the same too.

There are multiple options of Mini Firewall. We provide customized solutions, installation and support services too.

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